Criminal charges vary substantially in severity when it comes to both the crimes themselves and how they are punished. Anyone who is facing charges, where those charges are in the form of misdemeanors or felonies, should hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Read on to find out about a few of the kinds of cases taken by these legal professionals and their teams.

Federal Charges

Federal crimes tend to be punished very severely. Whether a defendant has been accused of felony possession of firearms, fraud, or drug trafficking, he or she can wind up spending years, or even decades, in prison if convicted. A defense lawyer can evaluate a client’s case to determine what the best strategy is for beating it or, if the evidence is difficult to deny, at least performing some damage control to get a reduced sentence.

Violent Crimes

Defendants who are charged with violent crimes need to know that their lives hang in the balance. While the punishment for crimes like domestic violence and aggravated assault may be less serious, those who are convicted of violent crimes like murder or attempted murder can wind up spending their entire lives in prison or even face the death penalty. It’s essential to find a defense lawyer who has tried similar cases successfully in the past and knows when to go to court and when to accept a plea bargain.

Sex Crimes

While it’s true that sex crimes ranging from aggravated sexual assault to rape are on the rise today, readers need to realize that false accusations are also on the rise. Being falsely accused of sexually criminal behavior can very quickly ruin a defendant’s life, especially if he or she doesn’t have adequate legal representation. Even minor sex crime charges can wind up causing serious harm to a defendant’s reputation and get his or her name placed permanently on a sex offender list, so don’t underestimate the importance of finding a good defense lawyer.

Driving Under the Influence

In comparison to the serious crimes listed above, a DUI may sound like nothing but, unfortunately, DUI charges can still have a dramatic negative impact on a defendant’s life. A defense lawyer will know how to evaluate breathalyzer results and other evidence for legitimacy and signs of tampering. He or she will also be able to argue for reduced sentencing, which can lower the client’s chances of losing his or her license or facing serious jail time.

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